Activate Your Inner Badass

I get people all the time that ask this question:

“Brandon, how do I break out of the rut I’ve been in and start creating the things I actually want in life?” .... My response is the same every time:

“Activate your inner badass.”

Most guys are taught from a very young age that you go to school, get good grades so you can get into a good college, do well in college so you can get a good job, find a good woman and marry her so you can start a family, and then keep working hard at that new job so one day you can retire when you’re really old and live the good life.

This ideology, although the standard for a very long time, is not only impractical but it’s the very thorn that is deflating the masculinity of man and creating a society of weak, victim-mentality fueled guys that are powerless, purposeless, and totally disconnected from who they are as a man.

Men are creators, not followers.

Men are designed to be free in the pursuit of their own path and mission in life. Men do not fair well when restrained to a firm set of rules, boundaries, and ideas that are forced upon them without their consent.

We see this today as men that hate their job and are worn out from the daily tussle of trying to satisfy their inner core of masculine power.

This process tends to strip men of their identity. They start to lose their masculine energy and will begin to harness more of their feminine energy flow, which disrupts the entire polarity of their life. Their marriage starts to shift and they start experiencing problems with stress, low confidence, constant arguing with their woman, loss of interest in things and hobbies, low self worth, and so much more.

We clearly see this on the surface as sedation: drinking, binge eating, affairs, drugs, porn, laziness, etc. Why?

Because they stopped activating their inner badass.

Men are supposed to be, well, MEN.

Rugged, brave, decisive, powerful, disciplined, protecting, confident, humble, loyal, purpose guided warriors that protect, provide, and produce for their kingdom.

Every man has 3 distinct inner elements that MUST be fulfilled for him to be balanced in the power of masculinity and purpose.

1. A battle to fight: Men want to fiercely battle for the right to earn their worthy goals against high odds. At heart, boys and men are warriors designed to experience life in the eye of the hurricane.

2. An Adventure to Live: A true adventure requires us to flirt with our edge to prove our worthiness – this is not about ultimate sports and fun- seeking, this is about the deep desire to be explorers of our own world while venturing into the vast openness and dancing outside of our comfort zone.

3. A Beauty to Rescue: Women provide the inspiration for our heroics and our adventuring. They are the reason we fight the good fight. Every man wants to passionately love a woman...and have a woman that passionately loves, supports, and honors him.

When you suppress one of these elements, or all 3, you are going against the natural flow of energy within you. You start to block your masculine power and deflate your ability to be a true man. do we prevent this?

By activating your inner badass.

Here’s how it works,

The human experience is broken down into 4 pillars of power:

BODY: physical vessel of production, health, vitality, and creation

BEING: spiritual vessel for expansion, knowledge, self-love, and connection to Source

BALANCE: relationship vessel for connection, love, family, and appreciation

BUSINESS: resource vessel for abundance, creation, freedom, and security

Most men tend to focus on one of these pillars, usually business.

Often times this creates and imbalance with the other areas and we start to experience chaos and stress.

We become out of shape. We get agitated easily. We fight with our wife over stupid stuff. We are tired all the time. We are distracted. We start to get depressed.

Man must fulfill all 4 of these inner pillars for optimal living. We must “activate” each pillar to its fullest capacity. Here’s how:

BODY: invest daily. Workout, eat right, rest, recover.

BEING: invest daily. Read, meditate, journal, and express appreciation.

BALANCE: invest daily. Express love and appreciation for family & friends, connect with others, and extend outward love.

BUSINESS: invest daily. Read & study, identify clear targets and outcomes, work hard and smart, execute daily actions to drive your purpose toward your desired outcome.

If you're not activating your true power as a man ( inner badass ) and living in alignment with your truth, then I encourage you to start following this system ASAP.

This is the EXACT system I use and have been using for 2 years now to create multiple businesses, finish 2 Ironman triathlons, become a better man & father, create more freedom for myself and my family, and much more...

And, if you're truly committed to taking action and creating new results immediately and would like to work one on one with me over the next 90 days, go here:

: Brandon James Duncan, Lifestyle Maven